About Us

About Us

Find My Dine exists for one simple reason – to help you find good food in your area, in places you might have missed. 

About Find My Dine

Find My Dine exists for one simple reason – to help you find good food in your area, in places you might have missed.  Restaurants, pop ups, supper clubs, kitchen takeovers, street food specialists, and private chefs – it’s all about celebrating the best that the independent food sector in Wales has to offer.

With enviable produce as its birthright, and a wide choice of places to eat, dining out in Wales in 2022 is more diverse and rewarding than ever. The breadth and quality of cooking in this country deserves a place where independently-owned businesses can share what makes them special too, and can be supported to make themselves heard. A place which reflects the way we eat now.

Find My Dine is about helping you have a great meal while you support a locally-owned business. It’s a place which informs, celebrates, shares and promotes.

Find My Dine. It’s that simple.

Gwybodaeth am Find My Dine

Mae Find My Dine yn bodoli am un rheswm syml – i’ch helpu i ddod o hyd i fwyd da yn eich ardal, mewn mannau na fyddech yn ymwybodol ohonynt. Bwytai, bwytai dros dro, clybiau swper, trosfeddiannu cegin, arbenigwyr bwyd stryd, a chogyddion preifat – mae’n ymwneud â dathlu’r gorau sydd gan y sector bwyd annibynnol yng Nghymru i’w gynnig.

Cynnyrch rhagorol a dewis eang o leoedd i fwyta yw sylfaen y cwmni, ac mae bwyta allan yng Nghymru yn 2022 yn fwy amrywiol a buddiol nag erioed. Mae amrywiaeth eang ac ansawdd coginio yn y wlad hon yn haeddu lle y gall busnesau annibynnol rannu’r hyn sy’n eu gwneud yn arbennig hefyd, ac i dderbyn cefnogaeth i sicrhau bod eu llais yn cael ei glywed. Lle sy’n adlewyrchu’r ffordd rydyn ni’n bwyta erbyn hyn.

Nod Find My Dine yw eich helpu chi i gael pryd gwych tra byddwch chi’n cefnogi busnesau lleol. Mae’n le sy’n hysbysu, dathlu, rhannu a hyrwyddo.

Find My Dine. Mae hi mor syml â hynny

Are you an independent restaurant, supper club, street food specialist or private chef in Wales?

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Jonathan and Helen bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to Find My Dine. Their blogs The Plate Licked Clean and The Octopus Diaries have consistently championed locally owned businesses, They have built a hard-won reputation over years for honest, constructive and perceptive writing.

Their work has been featured in Olive Magazine, The Western Mail, Visit Cardiff and on BBC Radio Wales, among others.

Helen Wilson


More likely to be found lurking in the corners of a kitchen with a camera, attempting to keep out of the way of chefs – Helen has been working in restaurant marketing for more years than she cares to disclose now, and runs a digital marketing consultancy supporting the industry.

She has been masquerading as a restaurant blogger since 2017, primarily to justify (hide) her habitual need to dine out – and to save on the washing up. Always yearning to experience something different when it comes to dining out, her writing focuses on raising awareness of independent businesses that are run with passion and a desire to offer people a unique experience, value for money and great food.

From a love of Michelin Star dining to a curry and a pint, and pretty much everything else in between; she’s evidence that you can evolve from the pickiest of eaters as a child. She still hates sprouts though, and celery, oh and more randomly lemon pickle…hmm?

Jonathan Swain


Both sides of Jonathan’s family have a long history in the food industry, whether as butchers and bakers or wine merchants, restaurateurs and growers, which may explain the obsession. As the son of a Spanish mother, he grew up with everything cooked from scratch, with croquetas, tortilla, ensaladilla rusa and pinchos morunos as staples, and with summer holiday memories of bodegas and bars run by his grandfather and uncles, or his Abuelita’s home cooking. Perversely this made him envious of his Welsh classmates’ jam sandwiches and foil-wrapped Viscount biscuits, an exotic treat which meant your family were almost certainly millionaires.

He is an enthusiastic home cook and an even more committed eater. Since 2013 he has been writing about interesting places to eat, from everyday finds to destination dining.

He holds these truths to be self-evident: good cooking can be found in the most unlikely places; every kitchen has a story to tell; and baked beans have no place on a cooked breakfast.

On these, especially the third, he is intractable.