Thai Street Food

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They say there are few certainties in life. ‘They’ have clearly not heard that at any street food fair, the queue for Brother Thai’s stall will always be (very) long and (very) hungry. Say their name to anyone who has enjoyed them at any event since their 2015 debut, and they’ll mutter longingly about their trademark sticky beef rotis, or their award-winning jackfruit alternative. Piled onto a flaky flatbread, scattered with zingy herbs, it pretty much deserves the hackneyed term ‘iconic’ across South Wales.

If that was your only trick, you could be pretty damn proud of it:  but now Andrew Chongsathien and his wife Shelly are broadening their menu and are showing there’s far more on offer. Their early supper club pops up at Little Man Coffee are still spoken of with great affection, and their current stint at Sticky Fingers has won them new fans with their rice bowls, noodles and the like.

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