Indian Street Food

Keralan Karavan has quietly been building a devoted following for a few years now. A series of kitchen takeovers and street food events means there’s always interest when they pop up somewhere new. The telltale flavours of Southern India- the curry leaf, the coconut, the mustard seed, the chilli- are used in a menu which respects its roots without ever getting too serious about itself- see their ‘Desi Sunday’ series with Monday Club for evidence.

Typical dishes include ‘KFC’- you can work that one out yourself- and their ‘BollyShollyBurger’. There are always a range of vegetarian/vegan options too: something for everyone.

Recently Pankaj Krishnan has opened a residency in Cardiff’s Kongs in partnership with Kate from Monday Club: Nomad is a pan-Asian selection of crowd-pleasing plates with Korean bibimbap, Japanese gyoza and Chinese pot-sticker dumplings lining up with samosas, Keralan chicken curry and that ‘BollySholly’ stack. However, Keralan Karavan is still in good health and is seen at festivals and events.

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