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If anyone asks you why you should pay attention in lessons, point then in the direction of Carly Karran and Science Cream. Use it on your teenage children, too, because there’s some complicated stuff going on here.

Liquid nitrogen is so cold that it freezes the ice cream mixture rapidly, resulting in the formation of only the most minuscule ice crystals, far smaller than in traditional methods. This is because the hydrogen bonds don’t get a chance to form large crystalline structures. The size of the crystals is crucial- the smaller they are, the silkier the mouth ‘feel’ of the food.

Still with us?

The nitrogen (-196c) quickly boils off after contact with the ice cream base, meaning that there’s no trace of it left by the time you tuck in. This means it’s also completely safe to eat.

But ultimately? This is ‘just’ very, very good ice cream- thick, glossy, rich: what ice cream should be. There’s a touch of the mad scientist in the toppings on offer, too.


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