Christos Georgakis

Christos Georgakis

Chef Christos Georgakis

Chef Christos Georgakis was born and raised in Greece and brought up within the catering industry, as his family ran a successful restaurant in Athens. Inspired to learn more about cooking, he moved to the UK via a spell in France’s Loire region. After making it to the semifinals of both Masterchef The Professionals and [...]read moreChristos Georgakis

The Gaff

The Gaff Abergavenny

Only open since May 2019, The Gaff in Abergavenny has made a big impression in a town which can claim to be the food lover’s capital of Wales.  That’s not just down to the internationally renowned annual Festival, which has grown to have the pulling power to attract some of the biggest names in the [...]read moreThe Gaff