Tukka Tuk, Goodsheds

Tukka Tuk, Goodsheds

Tukka Tuk Keralan Fried Chicken

Running a formal restaurant and a street food business are very different things, and it’s quite rare for the same person to do both equally well simultaneously. Most don’t even try. Here at Tukka Tuk, in Barry’s Goodsheds development, you’ll find Indian street food in this independent shopping and eating destination. It’s not just any [...]read moreTukka Tuk, Goodsheds

Meat and Greek, Goodsheds

Meat and Greek

Street Food’ has become an elastic term in recent years. It has come to mean pretty much anything you want it to, up to and including big-name chefs and expensive custom refit trucks. But perhaps ‘Street food’ captures the imagination best when you find keen amateurs giving it a go, winning a following- and doing [...]read moreMeat and Greek, Goodsheds