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Running a formal restaurant and a street food business are very different things, and it’s quite rare for the same person to do both equally well simultaneously. Most don’t even try.

Here at Tukka Tuk, in Barry’s Goodsheds development, you’ll find Indian street food in this independent shopping and eating destination.

It’s not just any Indian street food, though- this comes from Anand George, who over the last decade and more has changed Indian cooking in South Wales and whose Purple Poppadom in Cardiff is so highly rated.

This is Indian street food done with style and a light touch, with a particular emphasis on the flavours of Anand’s Keralan roots, where the dishes showcase the telltale flavours- they like to call them ‘sunshine flavours’- of his birthplace, 5000 miles away.

After several years of feeding many thousands at street food events across Wales, this is Tukka Tuk’s first permanent home at Goodsheds. It’s a rare example of a gifted chef turning his hand- equally skilfully- to 7 course tasting menus and to street food dishes.

Menus will change, but there are constants. And with good reason. Kerala Fried Chicken has become a local classic at street food events across Wales, with the marinade including ginger, green chilli, turmeric, Kashmiri chilli, lemon juice, garlic paste, coriander, fennel, curry leaf and more. That twice-cooked, spice-crusted coating leaves an impression, like the Bombay Fries it comes with.  Crisp pastry rolls are stuffed with spiced mutton, ready for you to dredge them through punchy garlic and chilli ketchup; or hand cut onion pakoda to make sure they’re light and crisp and ready for that tangy mango chutney. Details make the difference.

You might feel like something more substantial. Perhaps you fancy a ‘full curry’- you might find chicken tikka masala, or ‘Feel Good’ vegetable coconut curry, both served with saffron pilav rice and onion pakoda. The Tukka Tuk tiffin is distinctive too: whether it’s red kidney bean dhal, or a fragrant ‘thoran’ stir fry of seasonal vegetables with coconut and curry leaf, this isn’t your ‘usual’ Indian.

It’s much more aromatic and subtle than that. It’s what sets Tukka Tuk apart.

Facilities & Services:

  • While walk-in’s are available Wednesday to Friday (12pm to 4pm) and Saturday (12pm to 2pm), there is a booking system in place at Goodsheds, with a small charge to ensure a seat. A table can be booked at: www.goodshedsbarry.co.uk
  • Payable parking is available at Goodsheds, but there is also free parking a short walk away the other side of The Pumphouse.
  • Barry has 4 train stations all with close proximity to the Goodsheds. Trains from Cardiff to Barry every: 15- 20 minutes daily. The train journey from Cardiff to Barry is around 27 minutes.
  • There is wheelchair access with lifts and ramps available, and disabled access toilet facilities.
  • Goodsheds is a dog friendly venue, please check with individual retailers though as some areas may not be suitable for dogs.