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Street Food’ has become an elastic term in recent years. It has come to mean pretty much anything you want it to, up to and including big-name chefs and expensive custom refit trucks. But perhaps ‘Street food’ captures the imagination best when you find keen amateurs giving it a go, winning a following- and doing it so well it becomes their living.

Meat and Greek have their roots in that purest form: they began with very basic equipment, on a whim one Sunday afternoon, perched up the side alley of Clwb Ifor Bach off Cardiff’s Womanby St. It was their first time doing this for strangers, outside their friends and community: we ate with them that day, years ago, and somehow it was obvious, right there and then, that there was something special about them and their food. These handfuls of pitta bread stuffed with chicken and pork and halloumi, salad, sauce. It just worked.

News spread rapidly: so much so, their next event saw that same alley crammed with people, a queue that filled its length and overran it too. It was easy to see why so many were so keen to try it for themselves.

There was no stopping them. Whoever comes up with that slim list of man-made things which can be seen from space should probably add ‘the queue for Meat and Greek whenever they turn up at street food festivals across Wales’.

So what’s their secret? It’s deceptively simple and it has never changed: even now in their new home at Barry’s Goodsheds. Meat and Greek’s street food is uncomplicated in essence, but hearty and instantly satisfying and served by some of the loveliest people in the business.