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Interview with Chef Antonio Simone – Poca in Pontcanna

Chef Antonio Simone - poca restaurant

There’s a pleasing symmetry to this, for us.  The Humble Onion was the first restaurant we worked with when we set up our main site. The Poca menu, Antonio’s answer to brutal pandemic challenges, was instantly memorable. Dish after dish impressed: plates of plump prawns in harissa butter, a crispy egg with celeriac, braised ox [...]read moreInterview with Chef Antonio Simone – Poca in Pontcanna

To charge or not to charge…

No More No Shows To Charge or Not to Charge

That is the question.  As if 2020 wasn’t cataclysmic enough for the hospitality business, tentative re-openings have once again shone an unforgiving light on that thorny issue of missed bookings.  Restaurants are still seeing frequent ‘no shows’ across the country, despite repeated warnings of the powerful negative impact this has on livelihoods.  Are there any [...]read moreTo charge or not to charge…