restaurant gift vouchers in Wales WHO'S WHO Find out more about the Chefs and Traders making their mark in Wales.

One thing is sure: eating out in Wales is more diverse and rewarding than ever.

Find My Dine exists because some of the most interesting cooking is happening outside the traditional ‘restaurant’. Established Chefs, young professionals trying something new, street food veterans, keen amateurs wanting to share their passion, their heritage. Everyone from Eritrean asylum seekers to world-travelled Chefs, from office-bound part-timers to Good Food Guide alumni.  The list of new pop-ups and supper clubs grows weekly.

You can be sure the menus are finely tuned to the needs of diners, too, whether they specialise in meat-free cooking or just want to showcase their skill in catering for all requirements. Pop ups give the passionate free rein to experiment, to be as ‘niche’ or as broad as they see for. Perhaps most excitingly, it gives people a chance to showcase flavours of home, to teach us about new flavours and new ingredients in a relaxed, communal style. 

If you’re looking for further information on any of the vendors and their events, simply give them a click.

If you are a pop-up, supper club, street food trader or have a food residency in Wales, and would like to be included within the Find My Dine list please contact-